Therapists say: "Couples would rather talk about past relationships and their infidelities than talk about their finances."

According to a poll surveyed by BMO, 68% of those surveyed said fighting over money is one of the top reasons for divorce, followed by infidelity.  

Go figure!

Don't be another statistic...

  • Improve your communication

  • Thrive in your relationship

  • Avoid financial infidelity - we all know what dark secrets can do to relationships

  • Make your dreams a reality, together

  • Reduce stress and strains on your relationship caused by finances

  • Get used to discussing money matters so when you’re asking for that raise at work, it’s not a foreign topic to you

The "Other Talk" is Designed to:

  • Open up the money communication between you and your partner so you can have a healthy relationship 

  • Provide tools to plan for your retirement, major purchases, and kids' post-secondary education so you can build your dreams

  • Build a prosperous and secure financial future 

  • Give you a peace of mind 

Part One: Me, Myself and Money

A prerequisite for leading up to “The Other Talk” with your partner. Understand what you value so you can set expectations for yourself and your partner. Know what you bring to the family, understanding that everyone has their own baggage that they bring in. Get used to opening up about your finances.

Part Two: Date Night with Your Finances (and Partner)

This could be one of the most vulnerable discussions you’ll have with your partner. But, vulnerability only deepens relationships. Discuss expectations, boundaries, individual and family goals. This is where you build your dreams and set your goals together.

Part Three: Budgeting for Families

Organize the household finances and use a flexible budgeting strategy to make your day-to-day finances easier, while ensuring your goals are being met.


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